When we launched Splatzone Paintball two years ago we knew we would be a popular venue for birthday parties for kids and adults, but the response we have gotten has surprised even us!   So after we discovered that we have now surpassed one thousand birthday parties hosted i thought i would take a moment and reflect on a couple things that we have learned.

Birthday parties cambridge

Birthday parties cambridge

1.) Birthday Parties are all about the fun.

When we were doing our research about the paintball industry, the biggest fear new players had about playing paintball was being picked on by more experienced players.  This inspired us to create our Fair Play Policy to ensure that everyone has a great time.  It doesn’t make vente de vrai viagra sense for us to allow new players to be picked on.  The more fun they have, the sooner they will come back with friends, and help to grow the sport of paintball.

2.) Low Impact paintball is not just for kids.

We were the first field in the area, and one of the first in Ontario to offer Low Impact paintball in a big way.  We promoted it as a way for younger players to try paintball without the fear of being hurt, but it has really grown and is played by bachelor parties, sports teams, and even corporate events.  It has grown so big that it is now the majority of our business.

fun birthday party kitchener

fun birthday party kitchener

3.) Nobody wants to cancel a birthday party because of the weather

We chose our current location because we could offer the outdoor and indoor fields on the same property.  When you book an indoor party with us, and the outdoor is open you have the option to take your group outside and enjoy those fields as well.  In a worst case scenario the weather is bad, and you can play on our two indoor fields instead, no worries!   And because it’s the same property, you don’t need to do a last minute scramble to arrange an alternate location, or worse yet, have to cancel the event.

kids party cambridge

4.) Importance of Offering Age Appropriate Activities

After hearing from hundreds of parents about the need for fun activities for the younger ages, we took action to create our Adventure Parties for ages four and up.  Bazooka Ball uses foam balls to shoot at electronic targets in our Glow in the Dark room.  Button bash is an action packed sixty seconds chasing the buttons as they move around the cube.  Or try our newest attraction, the Lazer Maze where participants dodge lasers to complete the course in under seven minutes.

5.) Bachelor parties and birthday parties have different needs.

Although both groups can contain first time players, the setup and safety briefing for each group should be tailored to suit the needs of group.   Safety briefings for kid’s use more humour, and are more interactive to keep them engaged and ensure they learn the important parts.  In the briefings, different things are highlighted, and the process is usually a bit quicker.

Everything we have learned in our first 1000 birthday parties inspired us to renovate and bring in new activities for kids.  So in July 2016 we introduced Bazooka Ball, & Button Bash.  Awesome fun birthday parties for kids aged 4 and up.   Check out Adventure Centre Parties Here.

Note: This post was originally published in July 2016, but has been updated to reflect all of our activities offered at Splatzone.