Low Impact Paintball

So What Is Low Impact Paintball?

Low Impact Paintball is a NEW type of game play that promotes the same physical activity, teamwork, and thrills as regular paintball!  The biggest difference is that it HURTS LESS!  The paintballs shoot just as far, are just as accurrate, and still leave a small paint mark when making contact.

Who is Low Impact Paintball Good For?

Splatzone! recommends Low Impact Paintball for all younger groups, and first time players.  This new game play also encourages more timid players to move up into the action instead of hiding in the back.  This means more fun, and no one has to sit out for fear of getting hit.  With Low Impact Paintball everyone can get in on the game!

Is the Equipment a Different Size or Weight?

As you can see in the picture to the left, the Low Impact (Red Marker) is smaller, than the Regular Impact (Black/Yellow Marker).   With the smaller marker, and kid sized tanks the low impact complete setup weghs less than three pounds!

Why Does It Hurt Less?

Low Impact Paintball hurts less because we use smaller paintballs, and specially designed guns to get the same range with less power.  Because the smaller paintballs are lighter the gun does not shoot them as hard, and they break easier on impact leaving less mess behind!

Does Low Impact Paintball Cost More?

At Splatzone! we do not charge any extra for this new exciting gametype!

Will My Group Mix With Regular Impact?

Splatzone has a strict set of rules that we call our Fair Play Policy.  This means we will never mix players playing low impact and regular impact paintball.  We will also avoid mixing players of different ages and skill levels.  You can learn more here!