Splatzone is proud to announce that we are adding a second indoor field to our facility!  The new field will be 150% bigger than our current field, but still feature the same great lighting, and wall to wall astro turf.

This brand new indoor paintball field will set up as a competitive speedball field, allowing us to set up our existing field into a more scenario focus.  This represents a brand new start for Splatzone Paintball with the ability to develop a field for each player that wants to come to our facility.

The tactical, or scenario paintball field will feature inflatable bunkers in the form of a tank, partial walls, oil barrels, and more!  Get into the scenes with unique gameplay scenarios tailored to the different layouts.  Try attacking the tank to capture the flag, and bring it back to your own base to seal the victory!

The new speedball field will be the largest in the area!  Combined with the bright lighting, only two posts, and the white netting will ensure you have the best playing experience possible.   If you are a team owner or coach and are looking for a place to play this year then contact us today!