Here is the announcement you have been waiting for! Splatzone Paintball is bringing some new activities to help fill our bigger indoor space! We will be offering a new foam ball game in a glow in the dark field called Bazooka Ball.

It uses a standard paintball marker with a barrel adapter to shoot the foam balls at wall mounted targets. This game is a ton of fun for younger players and will allow them to see other players at our field having fun playing paintball. We are also adding an adrenaline filled game called Button Bash, and more activities coming soon.

We have also reworked our staging areas and front counter to improve the customer flow so less time in lines, and more time playing! Outdoor we have added a 1200sq ft covered area for shade and rain protection, built out our new chamical yard, and turfed the speedball field. We still have more outdoor field upgrades coming soon as well!

So what do you think of the changes we have coming?