Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, & Guelph

Splatzone offers a variety of Paintball Games to suit every player from the first time beginner to the experienced marksman.   With our bright and clean Indoor paintball field, every visit is fresh and exhilarating!

Capture the Flag Paintball Games

Center Flag:

In this game, both teams are trying to capture one flag located in the middle of the field.  The game is over once all players on one team are eliminated, or if one team has captured and successfully brought back to their side.

Far Flag Pull:

To set up this game, set two flags, about one third of the way across the field.  The objective is to cross the center line, capture the flag, and bring it back to your own base.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

This is a variation of capture the flag Raiders paintball game involves three or more flags set up in the middle of the field.  Player start at each end and each team sends raiders in to get a flag from the middle.  Raiders can only carry one flag at a time, and if hit, they drop the flag, and the referee sets it back at the middle.  The team with the most flags raided at the end of five minutes wins!

Alternate Game Plays


The team zombie will start with one or two players which are only eliminated by getting shot in the head.  Body, or equipment shots will have no effect.  The humans will have the rest of the players, and if a human has been eliminated they will join the zombie team.  The game will be over if either team is fully eliminated, or if the humans survive three minutes.


Each team has an equal number of players.  No one can cross the halfway mark of the field. If a player is eliminated then they will join the other team.  The game is over if one team has succcessfully eliminated the other team completely.

We have many more games that we rotate through to keep every experience unqiue and fresh!  Check out some pictures of our facility.