Here are just a few pictures of our New Outdoor Paintball Fields located at the same central Cambridge location as our Indoor fields!  We offer a variety of scenario fields where you can practice your best tactical moves.  All of our fields are available for your next adventure.

The Shipyard

Try your skills ducking, dodging, and diving between the many crates stacked up to provide cover.  Splatzone is adding even more buildings, and new designs to this outdoor field this year.


Chemical Yard

Our Newest field the “Chemical Yard” is also our biggest yet!  With tons of chemical totes stacked in varying patterns it gives you an immersive experience.   We are also adding some other unique buildings over the coming months.

The Town

The town outdoor paintball field consists of ten steel buildings, cars, trucks and a helicopter to use to your advantage.  Try capture the flag, protect the VIP, or just classic team elimination.

Regulation XBall Field

Freshly levelled, and turfed and using the 2016 SupAir bunker set certified by the NXL/CXBL/WPBO.  We offer weekly BYOP days, as well as private team practices.  Call Recon Paintball at 1 226-476-1845 for all the details.

Canada Day Long Weekend Promo!

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