Mission Impossible Style Lazer Maze

Dodge the many lazers in our glow in the dark room.  Tag the laser deactivator before the timer runs out!  This is an all ages attraction, and uses synthetic smoke to improve laser visibility.

Voted Best Kid's Entertainment by Reader's Choice Awards!

How It Works:

The game starts with the computer system letting you know your mission is beginning.  The game starts, and lazers appear criss crossing the room and lighting up the room.  You see the clock at the far end of the room counting down, and a glowing button beside it.  This is how you deactivate the system.

You try the first obstacle, and oops! A laser is tripped.  A quick alarm sounds, and 30 seconds is deducted from your time remaining.   So step carefully, over, under and through the lasers until you reach the end of the room to turn off the lazers, and win the game.

Try On It’s Own, or as Part of a Party!

The Lazer Maze challenge can be attempted as a standalone activity, or as part of an awesome party.  Pair it up with Bazooka Ball, Button Bash and more for a fun party, every time!  Learn more about Adventure Parties HERE

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