[Video] Watch the Rangers Play Low Impact Paintball

We were honoured when the Kitchener Rangers let us know that they wanted toKitchener Rangers Team Building Paintball come to Splatzone for their team building event.

Twenty five players and some of the coaching staff came out to try out our Low Impact Paintball for their team building event.

We started the event with the safety briefing where we went over the rules, how to stay safe, and explained the equipment.  Then everyone suited up, and we headed to the outdoor paintball fields for some games before it got too dark.   Once the sun set we headed inside and continued the games on our indoor paintball fields.

This is exactly the kind of thing we want the team to do.  Head Coach Jay McKee

The original teams were the Veterans (second or third year players) facing off against the rookies (first year players).  The coaching staff played with the rookies, but I think it’s because there were a few veterans they wanted to play against.

Our first game outside was played on the chemical yard field.  The team chose to start off with the medic scenario which is very similar to doctor dodgeball.   If a player is eliminated then they sit down in their place and call for the medic.   If the medic can make it to them then they can revive their team mates.

img_1444-smAfter two games of medic we switched to a game of centre flag push.  In this game we place one flag at the middle point and the objective is to advance the flag as far as possible into the other team’s end.  This game started off with a comical twist as the rookies grabbed the flag and ran it the wrong way!  But they regained their composure and worked together as a team to advance the flag beyond the middle point before the end of the game to take the win.

We have done a bunch of these, but this was the most fun for sure.  Jeremy Bracco

At this point the sun was going down so everyone decided it was best to take the team building event to the two indoor fields.  Once we came inside we broke into four teams, and played on both the recreational indoor field, and the indoor speedball field.  We played a couple more games inside such as dodgeball, and zombies and called it a day.

The event was a ton of fun both for our staff, and for the Rangers players and coaching staff.  Check out some of the pictures below, and video will be coming soon.

Editors Note: Originally published in December, updated with Video in February