We get so many questions from customers looking for a fun activity for them and their friends, or family, or co workers to do together.  So we have put together a list of the top five myths for Low Impact Paintball below.

Low Impact Paintball Myth #1: It’s Not As Much Fun as Regular Paintball

Since it’s low impact, some people may think that its not as much fun, or that it’s just for kids.  This is FALSE.  We have groups of all ages from kids to bachelor parties to corporate events choosing low impact since it is more inclusive.  Low impact still uses an air powered gun with a paintball shot out of the barrel every time the trigger is pulled.  Since you don’t need to be worried about the impact of getting hit, players can instead focus on the experience of playing together, and completing the objective laid out for them.

Low Impact Paintball Myth #2: I Will Get Picked On By The Pros.

Playing a new sport never seems as much fun when you are outmatched.  Since most players who have their own gear and play regularly play regular impact paintball this leaves low impact for the younger and more recreational players.  These are the players who just come out to have a great time and enjoy the thrill of the sport.  Splatzone’s fair play policy also ensures that everyone only plays against other players of a similar age and skill level.

Low Impact Paintball Myth #3: It Hurts

Low impact paintball uses special equipment and smaller paintballs for 1/3 the impact of regular paintball.  Our refs are on the field watching each match and regularly need to come let a player know they have been hit because with the adrenaline and excitement of the game they may not have noticed they were hit at all!  Low Impact Paintball is very popular for ages seven and up.

Low Impact Paintball Myth #4: It’s Dangerous

Did you know that there are less paintball related injuries per participant than bowling, tennis, or even long distance running?  So why is that?  Paintball when played in a controlled environment like a paintball field has a safety briefing, special safety equipment, and trained staff watching over the game play.   The Low Impact further reduces the risk of injury by using special equipment and lowering the size of paintballs for less sting and more fun.

Low Impact Paintball Myth #5: It’s Scary

Trying any new activity will have a nervous excitement to it, but thats part of the experience! Before you play, all players are given a safety presentation, are shown how to use the equipment, and allowed to ask any questions before they hit the field.  Our trained referees will always be on the field with you, and are always ready to help.  Hundreds of new players try Low Impact Paintball every weekend.

Low Impact paintball offers something for everyone to be able to come out and enjoy.  From birthday parties, to corporate events, to sports teams for team building and more.  Contact us with any questions you have, or check out our other party pages.