First Time Trying Paintball?

Here is what to expect when you play at Splatzone Paintball

Tips Before You Come:

Check Availability

Whenever you are planning to come play paintball, it is recommended to book in advance, even if it is last minute!  You can check availability and book online, or by calling us.

Fill Out Waiver Online

Complete waivers online.  It is easy to complete the waivers for your group by going to You can do this from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and best of all, it is paperless!  Nothing to print off, or worry about losing.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Coming ready to play ensures you have a great time.  We recommend wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing.  Wear layers so that you can always remove them as you get more comfortable with playing.  Paintballs are all water based and water soluble so they will wash out of clothing if washed within 24-48 hours.  No Sandals, or open toed footwear is allowed.  To learn more visit our FAQ page.

Arrive 15 Minutes Early

Arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled time.  This ensures that you can check waivers are completed, and payment is taken care of before the start time.

When You Arrive:

Your day will begin with a safety briefing provided by our knowledgeable and friendly staff.  Through this process you will learn the rules of the game, the safety precautions that are in place, and we will answer any questions that you have.

Once you have been briefed, we set you up with your mask, marker, tank, hopper, and optional coveralls.  We then divide the teams, choose the game type, and a referee will escort you on to the field.

A referee will stay on the field with you while you are playing to ensure everyone is being safe, following the rules, and they are accessible if you need any assistance.

Depending on the game type, you will usually play one game, switch sides, play again, and then come off the field for a breather.  You can also use this time to clean off any hits, grab a drink if needed, and refill on air and paintballs.  The referee will then get you ready to go back onto the field!

All of our packages include all day admission, so you are only limited by how many paintballs you have, and how fast you shoot them.

Types of Paintball:

Splatzone offers two different types of paintball play.  We offer the traditional 68 caliber paintball, as well as a new Low Impact Paintball option.  Low Impact Paintball uses special lighter equipment, and smaller paintballs for less sting and more fun!  Learn more about Low Impact Paintball Here.  Low impact and regular impact games are run on the same fields, but enver at the same time.  Each type is rotated through the many fields so that everyone has a chance to try the different fields.

Fair Play Facility:

Your group will only play against other players of a similar age and skill level to ensure maximum enjoyment from your stay.  You can learn more about our Fair Play Policy Here,

Prices & Packages:

Splatzone offers a variety of options and packages to suit every players’ experience.   Admission is $10, or complete rental/admission/paintball packages start from $24.99 per player.  You can come solo, with a small group, or large group, it doesn’t matter!    Check out our full package options Here.