SPLATZONE is a Fair Play Facility

SPLATZONE is a paintball field where everyone can be safe and have fun! With all of this in mind we adhere to strict policies as outlined below.

  • Masks must be worn at all time when on the field.

  • Barrel socks must be used in the staging area at all times.

  • Aggressive behaviour against staff, or other players will not be tolerated.

  • As this is a family friendly facility, swearing and rude language is not allowed.

  • Do not shoot another player at close range. ¬†Players within 10 feet must use “Mercy Rule”

  • Low Impact Paintball and Regular Impact Paintball groups will never be mixed.

  • We discourage players of different abilities from playing against each other.

  • Players with electronic markers can only play against players with electronic markers.

  • We do not offer CO2 fills at our facility – for less than one CO2 fill you can rent our HPA Tank with Unlimited Air for the day!

  • Families will be allowed to play together, but referees will be watching the older members closely to ensure that the younger players are having fun.

Violations of the Fair Play Policy operate on a Three Strike Rule.

First Strike: Verbal Warning

Second Strike: Sit out a Game

Third Strike: Done Playing for the Day

Referees have the ability to assign two strikes for violations they deem to be severe.