Put An End To Boring Team Building!

SPLATZONE! is a great place to have your next team building event in Cambridge.  With our clean, bright facilities, combined with the great fun of Low Impact Paintball your next event is sure to be a hit!  Want to pick your own food for catering?  No problem.  You can bring in whatever you want, and we’ll take care of the mess!  We reccomend Low Impact Paintball for all corporate events as it hurts less and keeps everyone in the game.

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What To Expect – Paintball Corporate Event

A corporate event at Splatzone starts with a safety briefing overview where we explain the rules, equipment safety, and answer any questions players may have.
Next we get you suited up with all the necessary safety equipment, and get ready to take the field. Together we choose the game type to play, and split up the teams accordingly.
Finally we head onto the field and the adventure begins! You never truly know a co worker until you have spent some time on the paintball field with them.
If your event is outside of our normal operating hours, we would also allow you to bring in catered meals, or run any additional programming at our facility after the event.

Our Team Building Packages Develop Comraderie & Improve Communication Skills

After the games our trained staff will assist with debriefing, and discuss with the teams some strategies that can be used to be more successful in the games.  No matter how talented one player is, they can not win any games on their own.  They need to learn to rely on their teammates for the support needed to be successful.

Constant communication is needed between team mates to let eachother know where they are, ask for some cover fire, or work together to accomplish a common goal.


We offer paintball packages starting from $22.99 per player, and go up to $44.99 a player depending on what all you would like included, and how long you would like to play.

If you are looking for something more custom with food and other value added services please contact us to work out a custom package!

We also offer packages for Combat Archery Tag, Nerf BattlesBazooka Ball, Button Bash, and other no impact activities for the less adventurous group organizers.

Check out our Standard Pricing and Packages Here

The Best Place For Corporate Events

We have been hosting Kitchener Corporate Parties for years and look forward to being the go to destination for Cambridge Corporate Events. Not sure what to bring, have more questions? Check out our Paintball Frequently Asked Questions, or Contact us today! Please note that Corporate Packages can not be combined with any other coupon, or promotion.

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