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[Video] What is Bazooka Ball

Bazooka Ball

Use a real paintball marker with an adapter to shoot 2″ soft foam balls!


Bazooka ball is a ton of fun for players of all ages.  And we really mean all ages!  From grandkids to grandma and everyone in between anyone can play!   It really is as safe as nerf, but as fun as low impact paintball for the younger players.   Whichever team hits the most targets to rack up the most points will win!

To play we set you up with a paintball marker with a special adapter to shoot 2 inch foam balls, and of course a face mask for protection.   Then we divide up teams, and you test your sharp shooting skills inside our glow in the dark nuclear bunker.

One Game of Bazooka Ball

  • Hosted in our Glow in the Dark “Nuclear Bunker”
  • Includes Rental Equipment
  • Unlimited Shots
  • Unlimited Air Refills

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it Hurt?

No it does not!  Since it is using foam balls, and eye protection is provided no one should ever get hurt playing Bazooka Ball.

Is there a Minimum Number of Players

Bazooka Ball can be played with as few as two players, or as many as twenty.  If you have selected one of our Birthday Party Packages your group will be playing on the field privately.  If you just want to walk in we will do our best to accommodate you, and you may be playing with a mixed group of other players.

Does it have to be glow in the dark?

Play in our Glow In The Dark room is a ton of fun, but if you prefer we can also turn on the main lights.  So really it’s up to you!

How long is a game?

Games are eleven minutes long and trust me, if you are playing it right you will need a breather between games!  After each game we refill the air tanks on the bazooka ball blasters to make sure you don’t run out of fire power.

How many shots do i get?

The room is filled with foam balls, and all of them are reusable!  So after taking your shot, all you need to do is find another ball and keep playing.  The air tank on the blaster should last for about 150 shots.