About Splatzone Paintball

Splatzone Paintball opened their doors to the Cambridge and area community in Septmeber 2014.  Since then we have expanded with four new outdoor fields, and an additional indoor playing field.  Our focus on customer experience, sportsmanship, safety and fun have helped us to grow into a premier entertainment facility.

 We recently won the Cambridge Time Reader’s Choice Diamond Award for Best Summer Camps, and Best Kid’s Entertainment!

What To Expect at Splatzone:

Your day will begin with a safety briefing provided by our knowledgable and friendly staff.  Through this process you will learn the rules of the game, the safety precautions that are in place, and we will answer any questions that you have.

Once you have been briefed, we set you up with your mask, marker, tank, hopper, and optional coveralls.  We then divide the teams, choose the game type, and a referee will escort you on to the field.

A referee will stay on the field with you while you are playing to ensure everyone is being safe, following the rules, and they are accessible if you need any assistance.

After the game is over, we will come off the field for a quick rest, refill paintballs/air tanks, and get ready to head back onto the playing field.

Types of Paintball:

Splatzone offers two different types of paintball play.  We offer the traditional 0.68 caliber paintball, as well as a new Low Impact Paintball option.  Low Impact Paintball uses special lighter equipment, and smaller paintballs for less sting and more fun!  Learn more about Low Impact Paintball Here.

Paintball Fields:

Splatzone offers two indoor fields, and four outdoor paintball fields on the same property.  This provides an adrenaline filled experience rain or shine!  Check out our Indoor Fields Here, and our Outdoor Fields Here

Fair Play Facility:

Your group will only play against other players of a similar age and skill level to ensure maximum enjoyment from your stay.  You can learn more about our Fair Play Policy Here,

Prices & Packages:

Splatzone offers a variety of options and packages to suit every players’ experience.   Admission is $10, or complete rental/admission/paintball packages start from $24 per player.  You can come solo, with a small group, or large group, it doesn’t matter!    Check out our full package options Here.

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